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A Look Back into Ncrypted’s Projects in 2018: Key Take away business advice for entrepreneurs

A Look Back into Ncrypted's Projects in 2018_

We all know that due to the advancement in computer science, information technology and digitization, all the entrepreneurs have taken various benefits of it in their start-up in the year 2018. The year 2018 was neither bad for you as well as for us, because we somehow managed to furnish the whole year’s achievements and opportunities to you that brought a smile on your face. A couple of years ago, we have begun our journey and the current scenario is totally different compared to the past situation. We have evolved ourselves along with our team with a great of passion and determination that endeavour us to reach the level of perfection globally.

 So, while we look back in the year 2018, we will name it as the year of opportunities and new transformations for the global entrepreneurs. So, in this regards, we have gone through variable market shifts and changes which gives us a chance of improvement according to B2B Business requirements. We encountered a variety of challenges as a well established and organized web development company and service provider in the software field. Basically, in other words, many opportunities have assisted our overall growth and potential. Hence, it indirectly helps us to serve a significant number of organizations or companies with a variety of different types of technical assistance which they require or need in order to withstand the global competition. So, in this article, we will cover our variety of experiences and lessons that we have grasped the previous year, that is 2018.

Contribution towards Freelance Marketplace

We are offering a variety of online services with the use of latest and advanced tools of web development, the one which is trending and popular in the global market is the freelance marketplace that we offered. We were receiving various requirements of the freelance marketplace which were in trend at that time when we approached our numerous clients with diverse needs. So, as a beginning, we were given variable requirements and was asked to develop something that can compete with a similar freelance platform and freelancer related services in the global market. So, in this regards, we have introduced a freelance software – Nlance to suit their requirement similar to the freelance platform.

freelance Marketplace

Our solution to the Freelance Marketplace

We have provided a freelance script in order to build a similar platform without having various resources as Nlance – a freelance Marketplace software was turned out to be a challenge to our expert team. So, we have undergone milestone-oriented development strategy that ensures the accurate efficiency in every development phase along with the execution of intense research and analysis in order to understand the working of the freelance marketplace. So, we have deployed a Nlance – a freelance Marketplace software product by Ncrypted websites and is utilized by various entrepreneurs in order to kick-start their own freelance marketplace across the globe. And it has proved to be one of the excellent solutions for entrepreneurs to get started with their niche business.

Takeaway Points

  1. The Freelance marketplace is on the rise and also it will expand into separate business segments in the upcoming years.
  2. Since freelancing provides an intermediate platform which will connect various employers or businesses to skillful as well as talented freelancers in order to complete several projects on stipulated time-interval.
  3. Also, Freelance marketplace is gaining popularity among the global people because it gives an opportunity to several freelancers to showcase their skills and talents to a number of companies or businesses around the globe.
  4. With this functionality, it is one of the best choices for entrepreneurs who want to make a huge profit out of the freelance marketplace.

What do we offer to entrepreneurs?

We have a Nlance – a freelance marketplace product that has transformed several ways of entrepreneurs in their start-up in the freelance marketplace. We also have a ready-made web development solutions in the form of freelance script which will get engaged and transferred into the software platform right away without the need for coding and starting right from a scratch.

Crowdfunding made easy and simple with fundraising software

Have you ever came around a question about the driving factor of any business? So, the answer to the above question is Capital that is Money in simple terms. So, fundraising or crowdfunding is very much popular nowadays among various entrepreneurs for their start-up. So, crowdfunding alone holds better business opportunities. Thus, there arises a huge demand for a complete and dynamic fundraising platform in the global market.

Fundraising Software

Our solution in the form of Fundraiser – a fundraising software

We have introduced a fundraiser – a fundraising software product to offer crowdfunding solutions to entrepreneurs across the globe. Crowdfunding script will allow various entrepreneurs to promote their niche business to raise funds from several investors across the globe. The fundraiser which is a fundraising software provides a variety of crowdfunding variants such as equity, donate, pledge, and lend to the entrepreneurs globally. The solution for fundraising in the form of crowdfunding script will prove to be ideal for entrepreneurs to kick-start their own niche business.

Takeaway Points

  1. With the use of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can launch their campaign for fundraising at the right time.
  2. Crowdfunding technique or field has a constant demand or is trending among various entrepreneurs. And this fundraising demand will sustain in the global market.
  3. Entrepreneurs must choose or select the right type of crowdfunding for their start-up which will help them to decide their business strategy.

What do we offer to entrepreneurs

Engaging the entrepreneurs with the crowdfunding script is everything they need to get started with. They can choose four different types of available crowdfunding script based on the right business model that suits their objectives and goals. All they need to do so is jump-start their business and engage the crowdfunding script.

Accelerated Job portal services with Job-portal software

With the increasing online job opportunities and career options at the international level, a variety of online job portal services have gained huge popularity among the people across the globe. So, in this regards, a number of web development company have started online job-portal services which will help entrepreneurs to boost-start their own start-up in the online jobs and career services.

Job Board Software

Our Solution in the form of JobGator – a Job Board software

We have designed and created a JobGator – a job board software which will provide an online platform for entrepreneurs that will help them to jump-start their own start-up in the online jobs and career services. While using Job board script, it will provide an intermediate platform which connects various job-seekers with several employers that will offer a variety of jobs to job-seekers based on their interests and skills they possess in particular field.

Takeaway Points

  1. An online Job boarding platform is suitable for multiple business verticals because every business segments will require an employee for completion of various business processes.
  2. Online jobs and career portal services have gained popularity because of the growth of a large number of job opportunities across the globe.
  3. JobGator – a Job board software will prove to be an ideal platform for entrepreneurs who dream to be a part of the global job and career services.

Future-focused goals for 2019 of Ncrypted websites

2018 was a year full of opportunities and adventure, but there is a scope of improvement at the constant time interval. The current year 2019 is new and full of new business opportunities to explore. In 2019 we are planning to build more advanced web development technology with the help of the latest online tools. So, here we will provide a variety of website clone, and PHP scripts according to the niche business requirements. We have a team of highly experienced and professional developers who created customizable clone scripts right from scratch. feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support at Ncrypted websites.

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