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Fundraiser – Robust crowdfunding script suitable for any types of crowdfunding

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Since the online crowdfunding is origin in 1997, there are 4 distinct types of crowdfunding have emerged within the crowdfinance industry. Entrepreneur must choose the form of crowdfunding before movie forward. Let’s have quick lookup of each crowdfunding branch.


Equity Based CrowdfundingEquity Based Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is the exchange of actual shares in a private company for capital. In this type of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can set minimum pledge amounts, investor caps, etc. as well as approve or deny investors who want to view their business documents.


Donation Based CrowdfundingDonation Based Crowdfunding

Donation crowdfunding is exactly what it sounds like – the campaigns collect donations without being required to offer anything of value in return. This kind of campaign serves charities best and social causes.


Lending CrowdfundingDebt Crowdfunding

Debt crowdfunding (Lending based crowdfunding) enables entrepreneurs to raise funds in the form of loans which they will pay back to the lenders over a pre-decided interest rate and timeline


Rewards based CrowdfundingRewards Crowdfunding

Reward based crowdfunding also known as ‘perks based’ in which the campaign contributors will not get financial return for their donation but are offered a reward such as perk or tangible item in that correspond to their pledge amounts.


If you are planning to launch your own crowdfunding platform of any type mentioned above, NCrypted’s ready to go Fundraiser – a crowdfunding platform is perfect solution to kickstart with this crowdfunding script however is robust and flexible giving you endless customization opportunities.

Launch your own GoFundme Clone, Kickstarter Clone or Indiegogo Clone website using Fundraiser – Most powerful reward based crowdfunding script. Once installed, this crowdfunding software will enable your crowdfunding website to let companies, individuals or organizations to post their projects. All projects will be publish on website only after the admin approves the project.

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