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What are the advantages/disadvantages of Fundraiser Platfrom

What is Fundraiser Platform?

A fundraiser is a platform to collecting fund from the resources from that you can Start up an online business or websites. It is the process of gathering money through the CrowdFunding Software enables to get started your online Market.


How CrowdFunding software use?

A few years ago people went face to face to collect the fund for that business or any other government agencies, nowadays people don’t have time to go face to face for the gathering the fund so, in this digital world people use this fundraiser software to collect the donations from the donator and also donate the fund to the needy one.

Crowdfunding software is the best way to save time & Collect fund in less time. NCrypted provides you to create CrowdFunding script, from that you can find the investors and contributors. It provides you the place where people can add the projects to increase the fund amount from the investor. It is easy to understand the process that a large number of crowdfunds little amounts of money to collect into a portion enough to commerce a Project.

People who want to start the business for that they face the number of difficulties of gathering money for their business. The condition is worst when they can’t get funds from anywhere to funded. Eventually they for the crowdfunding option for funds. In that only place where they get a large number of people to invest their money in that business or the project. From this crowdfunding, they can get more opportunities to grow the business and expand it.

Fundraiser software uses the Commission based business model that beneficial for the owner. The owner gets more benefits from the amount percentage of the total amount to decided from every project that’s funded successfully.


For an Example:

If the goal amount of $2000 and the commission is %6 and the business is funded then the amount calculation is like $2000-120=$1880 amount.


Advantages OF fundraiser Platform:

 Here we are going through some advantages of crowdfunding Software:

  • An easy way to generate finance: It can be an easy and quick way to create the fund.
  • A profitable way of Marketing: Launching a business through online software can be more Profitable and valuable way of marketing.
  • Feedback and Expert direction: Allocating your idea you can often get feedback and expert guidance.
  • Track your growth: Investor can tracking update with growth of your business and that can be helpful to improvements on your work and business. If people are interested in your idea and invest the business. So it will be a good sign that your idea could work well in the market
  • Real-time investors: Idea that may not demand to conventional investors can regularly get financed more easily.
  • Option for gathering funds from anywhere in the world: It is an equivalent finance option if you have attempted to get bank loans or regular funding. 
  • Customer loyalty: Your investor is your loyal customer for your financing process.


Disadvantages of Fundraiser Platform:

There are some Disadvantages of Fundraiser Platform.

  • Don’t reach your funding target: Any finance that has been Promised will normally be returned to your investors and you will get nothing.
  • Approval of your business: Failed projects risk damage to the reputation of your business and people who have guaranteed fund to you.
  • Patent or Copyright: If you don’t protect your business idea with the patent someone can look it and apply that in their business strategy.



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